A horrible car accident left a husband with brain damage.  The lives of his wife and one year old daughter were left in disarray & uncertainty.  100 FOLD was made aware of the situation and through the combined efforts of 100 members. $3,600 was raised in 30 minutes, $1,200 in food certificates were donated, and someone even gave the family a car.  The car needed work and to be cleaned up.   An auto mechanic and detail company donated services to get the car in tip top shape.  This was the event that launched the efforts & formation of 100 FOLD. 

A elderly husband and wife had not eating for 4 days when they were referred to 100 FOLD.  A local Pizza Company made an emergency delivery to the home on behalf of 100 FOLD.  A food account was set up at a grocery store closest to their location. Family members were contacted and consulted about staying in touch with them – checking on them regularly.  The couple was put in touch with other entities that were more equipped to service their needs.

A woman and her daughter went to visit family.  When she returned her husband had cleaned out the house.  All furniture, clothing, TV’s, and anything of value had been sold. Bank accounts were emptied.  She had nothing and only 2 weeks before being evicted from her rental.  100 FOLD provided food & clothing for her and her daughter.  Plus, found her a job within 2 days.  Then talked with the landlord so she could stay in the home. Furniture essentials were also provided for the home.

An Arkansas man on his way to St. Louis to pick up his wife from a rehab facility had a flat tire and was stranded on Hwy 65.  A passer by stopped to help and fortunately knew about 100 FOLD and told him to call. Within an hour the gentleman had been towed to a mechanic, a new tire was put on, a spare was also provided, and he was quickly on his way.

A lady from Springfield, MO had gone to St. Louis for cancer treatment.  She had 3 dollars to her name and discovered her credit cards had been denied when she tried to purchase gas for the return trip.  She called 100 FOLD.  100 FOLD made calls to convenience stores near her location in St. Louis and found a wonderful manager that pulled money from her own pocket to provide a full tank of gas so the Springfield woman could get back home.  100 FOLD reimbursed the convenience store manager for her generosity.  Her act of kindness by itself is a testament to what 100 FOLD is about.  She was a blessing that day because of her heart to help.

A woman needed car repairs. The car was dropped off at the mechanic but needed more work than what the car was worth.  So, 100 FOLD made arrangement for the car to be sold for salvage and provided her with 4 months of bus passes so she could get to back & forth to work.  Later she shared what a blessing it was not to have the car.  The gas, repairs, & insurance costs was depleting the money she needed to provide for her 2 little girls.  100 FOLD also provided her with a food account.  The best news was she was able to get back on her feet unbelievably quick and is now a 100 FOLD Member paying it forward

A 100 FOLD member was standing in line behind a woman at a bank.  He overheard the teller share that she didn’t have any money in her account. She was crying as she turned around to leave.  The 100 FOLD member asked, “Mam, do you need some help”.  She said, “No” and began to walk by when the man grabbed her arm and said, “I’m serious mam, I belong to a group called 100 FOLD, if you need help I would love to help.”  The woman shared that she was on the way to a birthday party and was supposed to bring the plates, napkins, cake, ice & drinks.  When he gave her enough money to get those items, she jumped into his arms saying, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You over and over again.   The two of them were hugging and moving in a circle, almost like a bad high school prom dance.  When the man notice all the other people in the bank (About 10) including the tellers were in tears after witnessing the woman’s reaction to his act of kindness. The lady left the bank and on to the party.  Meanwhile, the 100 FOLD member asked if the bank could call the lady he had helped and ask her to get in touch with him.  As it turns out the lady needed more assistance and 100 FOLD was proud to help.